Our Services

Environment Activism/ Awareness
We organize clean up drives and awareness campaigns to promote the cause of the environment. We help student organizations connect with the community in pollution reduction programs.
We engage in social and environmental advocacy with local/ national government organizations, legislators, civil society leaders, private corporations to promote green and sustainable development.
Advisory Services
We provide consulting/ advisory services to private corporations/ manufacturers who are interested in adopting environment friendly production practices. We help them develop socially/ environmentally responsible strategies. We also assist in implementation of these strategies.
Compliance Assistance
We assist private corporations/ manufacturers in complying with local/ national/ international guidelines and standards for their operations.
Green Finance
As leading researchers in green banking, we have established collaborations with banks and financial institutions for assistance with green finance initiatives.

Impact Assessments/ Evaluations
We help private corporations with impact assessments and evaluations of their processes. We help assess environmental/ social consequences of their actions. We also help them in designing and implementing corporate social responsibility projects undertaken by them.

Project Implementation
We assist corporations in environmental project implementation. We work with government/ non-government partners in implementation of local environment friendly projects.
We conduct and publish independent research studies on environmental/ development issues. We also collaborate with other research/academic institutions in organizing/ implementing their research initiatives.
Social Development Projects/ Activities
We take our awareness and activist campaigns a step further by helping implement social development projects. We work on ensuring access to clean water in polluted areas that we work on. We partner with government, non-government and private partners to implement these projects.
We organize seminars, workshops and provide training to corporate leaders/ employees in understanding social, environmental and ethical responsibilities. We provide trainings on compliance, CSR, sustainable development issues. We also organize training sessions on ERP feasibility.